Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Buddy and Me

So I need a riding buddy. There are not a lot of road riders (actually there are, but I don't know them yet) in the Garden Spot of Missouri. What better buddy than my own little Buzzo, my 11 year old daughter. So, much to the dismay of my wife, go figure, we went on the hunt for a nice used bike for Buzzo. I think we found it, Fuji Finest. We picked up this little gem off of eBay, as a local pick-up only at a very nice price. So we pick up the bike and take it out for her first spin around Longview Lake with the super cool Bike Shack guys in KC. Apparently little Buzzo's bike needed a lot of work, the grimace on the mechanics faces from the shack at the rattling and grinding noises coming from her bike were more than enough of an indicator. But I have to hand it to her, she made it the whole 10 miles around the lake no worse for wear.

We dropped it off at the shack for some much needed repair and hooked her up with some sweet bike clothes - she is set.

One of the main reasons for our little hobby together is to allow for some quality time with each other. Since Max was diagnosed with Diabetes at age 5, we have had to spend a tremendous amount of time dealing with it and him. Alex has been kind of left out - so this is a nice thing for us to do...plus next year has team Scavuzzo written all over Tour de Cure "Wheels to Westin", look out sucka's...Max's Cause coming through.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I love, l.o.v.e., my new Bianchi Giro. I picked it up from Leawood Bycicles in...well Leawood. They are over off of state line, a great group of guys. I was referred by my friend and director of HR, Chris Lewis who was a cat2 racer in his day. Arial Mendes who owns the shop seems to love Chris Lewis very much as I informed him that he is who sent me, and oh boy, we both took a walk down memory lane...man the good times we had. At that point I believe I was committed to buy the bike. Arial used to be a pro racer in his own right. You can tell he is an elitist regarding bicycles and I think his attitude is well known around the local LBS's. I like the guy, scares me a tad, but I like him a lot. So being Italian (1/4 actually) I thought I should get the Italian bike, he told me I had to be in order to buy it, at that time Arial broke in to Italian and confused the hell out of me, all I know are cuss words. Sure it is blazing teal green (Celeste as they call it, might be a sea foam), sure I look like a fat chick trying to ride it, but I am now officially a Bianchisiti....it feels good.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Allow myself to introduce....myself

Well hello there unfortunate soul and welcome to my blog that is currently serving as an outlet, an extension of my thought process, including wants and needs, ramblings, and pointless caca to occupy my time.
Here's the deal. I am 34, a buyer for an Automotive distributor (to which I know very little about cars), I have two children, Alexandra the Buzzo, my beautiful daughter whom is 11 and my boy Max who is 7. Max is a Type1 diabetic, yes that means the injection kind, and was diagnosed when he was five. My lovely wife's name is Vanessa and together we share a home in Raymore, Missouri, which is labeled as the garden spot of Missouri (major league bullshit). Although we do have a very nice home, it is straight up suburban nightmare. Along with this are our two dog's, both Boston Terriers, Killer Dog (KD) and Rocky.
I love the outdoors. Hiking, backpacking, etc. My most recent love is road biking. I also enjoy recreational running, God knows whats next...I would assume mountain biking as the natural progression. I guess I can be labeled as having a short attention span, drifting from hobby to hobby and spending way too much money (according to the little lady) along the way on all sorts of toys, equipment, and gear. I'm not sure...maybe I am looking for something more, who knows.
Anyway, I read a lot of blog's and thought, what the hell, I will start my own. Although it will probably focus mostly on outdoors stuff and my ever expanding desire to acquire new hobbies and toys, I am sure I will veer off in to other directions that will serve as some type of therapy for me. For the most part this is for me. We already have a family blog which can be checked out at http://thescavuzzos.blogspot.com/ , feel free to check it out.
Sorry about the above pic, I was entertaining my kids. Anyway, be nice you bastards....and away we go.