Friday, August 24, 2007

Smokes & Drinks

So we were kicking it last Sunday night at Wayne and Melinda's. Mikey and Rick from the neighborhood were there and introduced us to a new beverage...Wild Turkey Honey. Now, normally the very thought of Wild Turkey would induce a serious case of faucet face, however, this would be my favorite new spirit. This stuff is good, damn good. Even better when you kick back with an Acid Blondie. How gay have we become (not that anything is wrong with that) with the flavored drinks, cigars, and beers? Well poor me another one Sally.
BTW - This will make an excellent birthday or stock the bar gift.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The New Pornographers Challengers = meh....

Well the highly anticipated New Pornographers album Challengers was released on Tuesday. It was mostly highly anticipated because I love them so. Well, I must confess, I am a little disappointed. I am a huge fan of everything they have out, but I guess I was hoping for something new, different...a little bit more. Didn't get it. But hey, I will take it anyway...still very good.
I do however recommend the new Okkervil River release - The Stage Names....fricken brilliant.

The NP's will be in Lawrence, KS on Nov.4, Liberty Hall. I would like to go - anyone else up for it? Maybe I can get Neko to look at me....oh Neko, look at me dammit.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bobby Bare Jr.

So everyone who knows me knows how much I love music. Each week I get all caught up on a new/old artist and go nutty with it until I burn out. Here lately I have been listening to Bobby Bare, Jr. and have yet to grow tired of it. I love his new album and I have recently downloaded everything I could find of his old stuff - equally as good. Bobby also does some great Pixies covers, which is fantastic as they are my all time favorite.

Bobby will be in Lawrence 10/10.

Feeling a bit postal

Man, I have been in a funk lately. Just in a general shitty mood. Not particularly liking my job so much (have I ever?), tired, grumpy....really I could give two shit's. Typically there was only one cure for this and that was to get out in the woods as fast as possible. Nothing recharges me like an overnight in the woods, away from civilization, my phone, assholes in general. That is what I miss the most about living in Springfield, MO. You were two hours away from Buffalo. Get up in the Ozark mountains with the Hillbilly's and recharge. Not in KCMO my friend. As far as the outdoors go - the situation sucks a big one. Backpacking involves packing, a 9mm glock. It makes it tougher to get away for me, with a family and all, so now my trips must be semi-epic, make the most of it. It appears I need to get something in the works...and fast. Arizona calls to me once again.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Larry & Seirra Memorial Ride

So tonight was the memorial ride for Larry & Sierra Gaunt as noted in my previous posts. The heat did not stop an estimated 650+ cyclists from attending. A large turn out of Gaunt friends and family were also in tow. As I write this the news coverage on Fox4 and Channel 9 are hitting the airwaves....fantastic coverage and it should do a lot to get the word out to the community. It was very emotional hearing Brad Gaunt wish everyone well on the ride and thanking all for their support. As we stopped at the crash site, the Gaunt family and friends were on the side of the rode, clapping and waving to all of the riders.As you know, Buzzo and I recently started riding together and she is coming along quite nicely. As we headed past the crash site and down the rode we quickly noticed a commotion on the shoulder from a cyclist down. Well as we navigated through this Alex, being distracted by many a shiny object, had her eyes focused on the accident and not in front of her. Directly in Alex's path was a parked Lee's Summit motorcycle cop....she plowed in to it, hard. She hit it so hard she got some pretty good air, the Fuji flipped and landed on top of her. The collective "holy shit" from the crowd highlighted the severity of the wreck. Leave it to us to jack up a memorial ride. Well she is OK, just bumped and bruised...and now has the distinction of her first bike wreck being that of running in to a cop. My first was a basketball goal, in my driveway. She has one up on me, nice job Buzzo. Thanks Mark the Schwinn guy for patching her sidewall puncture, bike shack guys are the greatest...I'm telling you true.I hope this evening brought some solace to the Gaunt family and they must know that Larry & Sierra will not be forgotten.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Hammer Time

So I have been taking supplements from Hammer Nutrition lately trying to live a more healthier lifestyle than I have for, well, the last 34 years. Currently I am finding benefit from the Appestat and Phytomax. Being deemed a clydesdale in the cycling world, I am trying my best to change that. Recently I decided, due to reasons I will not discuss now, that I needed a bit of a colon cleansin'. As of late I have been feeling like John Wayne after a weekend bender at Sizzler. I picked up Hammer's digest caps and have been popping them for a week or so. Not much has changed in the world of digestion, until the last couple of days. Sparing any details, man these work like something fierce as they have basically booted me right in the 'ol shoot, if you get my drift. Highly recommended if you have some spare time and a week off. You might also consider having full SAG support on your rides for a while. Afraid I have to buy a new office chair...and pants. Hammer on.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Maybe this will cheer you up?

Man I needed a good laugh. Thanks Icicles and Bicycles.
Holy Crap that is funny...nice. Check that quick release Bozo!

Update on Sierra and Larry Gaunt

Taken from

UPDATE: The memorial ride has been postponed until further notice. The funeral is Saturday morning, so the ride will be rescheduled so that the Gaunt family can participate.
Visitation Friday at 6:00-7:00 p.m.Langsford Funeral Home 3rd and Market, Lee’s Summit (map)
Funeral Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Raytown Christain Church 6108 Blue Ridge Blvd, KCMO

Continue reading ‘Sierra and Larry Guant funeral arrangements’

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


This really hurts my heart. Monday night some fellow cyclist were taken away from us by one careless act. Buzzo and I met Larry and Sierra the first weekend I took Alex out for the Longview Lake route. Larry, a very personable man, approached me and asked if I was riding the MS150. He told me how he had participated 15 years with Team Copaxone and how much fun it was, asking me to join them. Then he introduced us to Sierra who was going to ride her first MS150 with her grandfather in a few weeks. I thought this was very cool and it was a neat connection you know, not a lot of little girls out on road bikes, so Sierra and Alex being similar in age had a bond there. We headed out for the ride and were quickly dropped due to Alex's new/used bike issues. We stuck around the parking lot for a bit waiting to see if we could catch Larry and Sierra again, perhaps start something up, but they kept out to train longer. Hoping to see them the next weekend, we did the loop. However, Larry and Sierra were not there. Two days later at 6:30pm Monday, on the very road we ride, at the very same hill we climbed a week before, both Larry and Sierra were tragically hit and killed by an individual driving a truck, who apparently did not see them. I am confused as to how, so would you if you saw this wide divided 4 lane stretch of road. Larry was killed instantly, Sierra passed away the next day.
The report made the 10:00pm news, but no names were released at the time. Just a Grandfather and his Granddaughter. When I heard this instantly my heart sank, I had a bad feeling, I was numb. The next morning I emailed Mike Neven to see if he had any news, nothing yet, but his fears were similar to mine, too much of a coincidence. I emailed action news, nothing. Then at 3:00pm Tuesday afternoon I received an email from Action news identifying the names of the victims as Larry and Sierra Gaunt. Up until that time it was reported that the Granddaughter (Sierra) was still hanging on...the email I received informed me she did not make it...heart drops through the floor.

My thoughts and prayers for the last week have been with the Gaunt family and this unspeakable, horrible tragedy that they are now living through. I think about Larry and Sierra, hoping they did not suffer, and I mourn them. For that very short time I knew them, it was a privilege as we shared a common bond as cyclist sharing our love for the ride with those we love. I have not told Alex, although I am sure she will find out as we hit the loop this weekend. I will keep riding for Larry, I have learned about how good of a cyclist he really was, and perhaps take him up on his offer to ride with Team Copaxone in next years MS150. Every time I look at my bike, I am sure I will think about Larry and Sierra.
My sincere condolensces to thier family and friends.