Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I love, l.o.v.e., my new Bianchi Giro. I picked it up from Leawood Bycicles in...well Leawood. They are over off of state line, a great group of guys. I was referred by my friend and director of HR, Chris Lewis who was a cat2 racer in his day. Arial Mendes who owns the shop seems to love Chris Lewis very much as I informed him that he is who sent me, and oh boy, we both took a walk down memory the good times we had. At that point I believe I was committed to buy the bike. Arial used to be a pro racer in his own right. You can tell he is an elitist regarding bicycles and I think his attitude is well known around the local LBS's. I like the guy, scares me a tad, but I like him a lot. So being Italian (1/4 actually) I thought I should get the Italian bike, he told me I had to be in order to buy it, at that time Arial broke in to Italian and confused the hell out of me, all I know are cuss words. Sure it is blazing teal green (Celeste as they call it, might be a sea foam), sure I look like a fat chick trying to ride it, but I am now officially a feels good.

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