Friday, August 17, 2007

Feeling a bit postal

Man, I have been in a funk lately. Just in a general shitty mood. Not particularly liking my job so much (have I ever?), tired, grumpy....really I could give two shit's. Typically there was only one cure for this and that was to get out in the woods as fast as possible. Nothing recharges me like an overnight in the woods, away from civilization, my phone, assholes in general. That is what I miss the most about living in Springfield, MO. You were two hours away from Buffalo. Get up in the Ozark mountains with the Hillbilly's and recharge. Not in KCMO my friend. As far as the outdoors go - the situation sucks a big one. Backpacking involves packing, a 9mm glock. It makes it tougher to get away for me, with a family and all, so now my trips must be semi-epic, make the most of it. It appears I need to get something in the works...and fast. Arizona calls to me once again.

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