Friday, August 10, 2007

Hammer Time

So I have been taking supplements from Hammer Nutrition lately trying to live a more healthier lifestyle than I have for, well, the last 34 years. Currently I am finding benefit from the Appestat and Phytomax. Being deemed a clydesdale in the cycling world, I am trying my best to change that. Recently I decided, due to reasons I will not discuss now, that I needed a bit of a colon cleansin'. As of late I have been feeling like John Wayne after a weekend bender at Sizzler. I picked up Hammer's digest caps and have been popping them for a week or so. Not much has changed in the world of digestion, until the last couple of days. Sparing any details, man these work like something fierce as they have basically booted me right in the 'ol shoot, if you get my drift. Highly recommended if you have some spare time and a week off. You might also consider having full SAG support on your rides for a while. Afraid I have to buy a new office chair...and pants. Hammer on.

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