Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Larry & Seirra Memorial Ride

So tonight was the memorial ride for Larry & Sierra Gaunt as noted in my previous posts. The heat did not stop an estimated 650+ cyclists from attending. A large turn out of Gaunt friends and family were also in tow. As I write this the news coverage on Fox4 and Channel 9 are hitting the airwaves....fantastic coverage and it should do a lot to get the word out to the community. It was very emotional hearing Brad Gaunt wish everyone well on the ride and thanking all for their support. As we stopped at the crash site, the Gaunt family and friends were on the side of the rode, clapping and waving to all of the riders.As you know, Buzzo and I recently started riding together and she is coming along quite nicely. As we headed past the crash site and down the rode we quickly noticed a commotion on the shoulder from a cyclist down. Well as we navigated through this Alex, being distracted by many a shiny object, had her eyes focused on the accident and not in front of her. Directly in Alex's path was a parked Lee's Summit motorcycle cop....she plowed in to it, hard. She hit it so hard she got some pretty good air, the Fuji flipped and landed on top of her. The collective "holy shit" from the crowd highlighted the severity of the wreck. Leave it to us to jack up a memorial ride. Well she is OK, just bumped and bruised...and now has the distinction of her first bike wreck being that of running in to a cop. My first was a basketball goal, in my driveway. She has one up on me, nice job Buzzo. Thanks Mark the Schwinn guy for patching her sidewall puncture, bike shack guys are the greatest...I'm telling you true.I hope this evening brought some solace to the Gaunt family and they must know that Larry & Sierra will not be forgotten.

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