Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Buddy and Me

So I need a riding buddy. There are not a lot of road riders (actually there are, but I don't know them yet) in the Garden Spot of Missouri. What better buddy than my own little Buzzo, my 11 year old daughter. So, much to the dismay of my wife, go figure, we went on the hunt for a nice used bike for Buzzo. I think we found it, Fuji Finest. We picked up this little gem off of eBay, as a local pick-up only at a very nice price. So we pick up the bike and take it out for her first spin around Longview Lake with the super cool Bike Shack guys in KC. Apparently little Buzzo's bike needed a lot of work, the grimace on the mechanics faces from the shack at the rattling and grinding noises coming from her bike were more than enough of an indicator. But I have to hand it to her, she made it the whole 10 miles around the lake no worse for wear.

We dropped it off at the shack for some much needed repair and hooked her up with some sweet bike clothes - she is set.

One of the main reasons for our little hobby together is to allow for some quality time with each other. Since Max was diagnosed with Diabetes at age 5, we have had to spend a tremendous amount of time dealing with it and him. Alex has been kind of left out - so this is a nice thing for us to do...plus next year has team Scavuzzo written all over Tour de Cure "Wheels to Westin", look out sucka's...Max's Cause coming through.

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