Friday, October 26, 2007


Does anyone even read this thing anymore or is it just for my amusement?

So we had our party last weekend and it was a blast. Lot's of people, much to drink, and a general good time. All week long I have been feeling like crap however. I was initially blaming it on the Patron, however I found out yesterday that one of my guests also has the flu this week (F.U. Greg). It almost feels like I am coming down with strep or something like that...flu or what not. I am feverish, slightly delusional, and totally out of it. This really sucks for two reasons, the Van Halen concert - which there is no way I could make it through that, and I leave this weekend for the SEMA show in Las Vegas...there is probably no way I will make it through that the way I feel right now - so I must focus on getting well, really quickly. I don't want to be sick out in Vegas. I will try to get some things done at work here and head back home to sleep.

Poor me....anyway I wanted to let you know I will be posting to the blog all throughout the SEMA show with my new iPhone, you knew it would happen eventually, since apple is my dark lord. Check back often for pictures and commentary of all the wacky happenings going down at SEMA, and Vegas on Halloween.

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